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Pink Queen Conch Sea Shell

Atlantic Triton Seashells for sale. Buy Atlantic Triton Seashells Atlantic Triton Sea Shell aka Triton's Trumpet.

Atlantic Triton Seashell

Charonia variegata

 $60.00 Add To Cart 9" - 10"
   $81.00 Add To Cart 10" - 12"
 $147.00 Add To Cart 12" - 14"

This seashell is named after the Greek god Triton, son of Poseidon, god of the sea. From ancient times many cultures have removed the end of this shell for use as trumpets. Atlantic Triton seashells can be found in S. E. Florida, West Indies and the Mediterranean.

Atlantic Triton seashells are named after the Greek god Triton.

Reverse view of the Atlantic Triton seashell.

Atlantic Triton seashell with beautiful brown and white patterns and a very pink tip.

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Author: Amy Ferguson