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Babylon Spirata Hermit Crab Shells
Babylon spirata hermit crab shells for sale.       Pompeii the hermit crab wearing a babylon spirata seashell hiding amongst other seashells.       Hermit crab named Grep perched on tree limb wearing a babylon spirata shell.       Cleo the hermit crab hanging out on a log in front of his coconut hut while wearing a babylon spirata seashell.

Babylon Spirata
Hermit Crab Shells

Seashell Size 1" - 3"

$0.45 each    
Add To Cart ¼" - ⅜" opening size
Add To Cart ½" opening size

$1.75 each
Add To Cart ¾" - ⅞" opening size

Babylon spirata seashells are great for small hermit crabs. They really seem to like them.

These hermit crab shells are thick and sturdy but have a nice weight to them. They have a smooth and comfortable oval or D shaped opening.

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