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Pink Queen Conch Sea Shell

Pink Queen Conch Seashells Large sea shells. Pink Queen Conch seashells have large nubs for spikes. Pink Conchs are attractive display shells.

Pink Queen Conch

Strombus Gigas

$16.75 Add To Cart 6" - 7"
$21.75 Add To Cart 7" - 8"

Pink Queen Conchs are very large herbivores which graze on algae. These mollusks grow to full size in about 3 to 5 years, growing to a maximum of 12 to 14 inches. They have a long lifespan estimated to live about 40 years. You can find them in warm, shallow water throughout the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico in sand, sea grass, and coral reef habitats. They are prized for both their edible meat and attractive shell.

Pink Queen Conchs are over-fished in many parts of the Caribbean Sea resulting in strict regulations. "Naples Sea Shell Company" does not export this shell and it is only available to US customers.

Our current stock of pink queen conch shells are slit back conchs. This means a hole has been made in the shell to aid in removal of the meat. We take care of that. The hole has been patched and painted resulting in a beautiful display shell. 

Pink queen conch shell is very large and heavy with natural pink aperture.

Large pink queen conch shell with flaring lip and beautiful spire.

Pink queen conch shell with large spikes on the body whorl.

Front view of apex and spire of a pink queen conch shell.

Pink Queen Conchs cannot be shipped out of the USA.

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Author: Amy Ferguson