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Polished tapestry turbo hermit crab shells  
Polished tapestry turbos for hermit crabs.       Hermit crab named "Peanut" wearing a polished tapestry turbo shell.       

Polished Tapestry Turbo
Hermit Crab Shells

Seashell Size 2" - 2 ¾"

$4.25 each

Add To Cart 1" - 1 ⅛" opening size
Add To Cart 1 ⅛" opening size

Polished tapestry turbos are great for hermit crabs. They are just as sturdy as a regulary tapestry turbos and they might be just as popular. It's the same shell, only polished.

The cool stripes effect from the polishing process gives these tapestry turbos a unique look.

The polishing process is safe and will not harm your hermit crabs.


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