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Bright colorful aperture of a cypraecassis rufa red helmet sea shell.
Red helmet seashells for sale.       Cypraecassis rufa red helmet sea shell is glossy with beautiful markings and red lip.       Body whorl of a cypraecassis rufa red helmet sea shell.       Bull mouth cypraecassis rufa helmet seashell with coral.

Red Helmet Seashells

Cypraecassis rufa

5" - 6"

Add To Cart $20.00 each

The red helmet seashells, aka: Bull-mouth helmets are sandy bottom dwellers that feed mainly on sea urchins and starfish. The name is derived from the thick protruding outer lip of the shell which resembles a fireman's helmet. These shells have layers of strongly contrasting colors which combined with their overall size, are the shell of choice for carving cameos.

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