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Pink Queen Conch Sea Shell

Striped Fox Horse Conch Striped fox horse conch seashells for sale. Buy horse conch seashells.

Striped Fox Horse Conch

Pleuroploca trapezium

       $1.75 Add To Cart 3 ¼" - 4 ¼" 

 $3.75 Add To Cart 6" - 7" 

Striped fox horse conchs are thick heavy seashells that are reddish brown and cream in color. They display nicely upside-down with the opening facing up, making them particularly useful for candles, event centerpieces and planters. They are also used in aquariums as fish nurseries. Striped fox horse conch seashells are common to shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific.

Aperture of a pleuroploca trapezium striped fox horse conch shells.

Reddish brown horse conch seashell with stipe markings on the spire and body whorl.

Natural growth mark on a striped fox horse conch seashell.

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Author: Amy Ferguson