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Pink Queen Conch Sea Shell

Truncata Spider Conch Seashells Truncata Spider Conch Spider Conch Shells

Truncata Spider Conch Seashells

Lambis Truncata

$21.00 Add To Cart 8" - 10"
   $38.00 Add To Cart 10" - 12"

AKA: Giant spider conch. Truncata Spider Conchs are the largest and heaviest of the spider seashells. The outer lip features several finger-like digitations which are longer on female shells than they are on the males. The extra large size and odd shape create a very impressive display to behold. They're common on rubble and coarse sand in the warm tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific.

Large aperture of a truncata spider conch seashell.

Giant spider conch seashell with beautiful protruding fingerlike spikes.

Body whorl of a giant truncata spider conch seashell.

Large Sea Shells

Author: Amy Ferguson