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Hermit crab shells displayed by hermitcrabs.

 Hermit Crab Shells

Selecting hermit crab shells by the opening size makes it easy to choose the right ones. When you buy from us you can rest easy knowing you'll get quality. All shells are inspected for chips, cracks and holes. Rough edges on the outer lips have been filed smooth for comfort. Be sure to pick up hermit crab supplies such as food and treats too.

Size Matters!

If you need a little help choosing the correct size shell for your hermit crab, please visit our size matters page. It explains how we measure hermit crab shells.

You can browse our hermit crab shells by oval or round openings. You can also view the entire collection. Click on pictures for shell information, larger pictures and pictures of hermit crabs wearing the shells. Overall shell sizes are typed in black. The opening sizes are typed in blue.

Hermit Crab Shells with Oval Openings                                Hermit Crab Shells with Round Openings

All Hermit Crab Shells

Hermit Crab Supplies

Hermit Crab Supplies

Pictures of Hermit Crabs wearing awesome sea shells.  
Hermit Crab Pictures

If you haven't found the size or style of the hermit crab shells you are looking for don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help you.

Do you have questions about the proper care of hermit crabs?

Hermit-Crabs.com has answers. 

Hermit Crab Association is a fourum with lots of hermitcrab topics.

Hermit Crab Land has great information.

Care and Keeping of Hermit Crabs is an educational facebook group.


Large Seashells     Medium Seashells     Small Seashells     Coral     Craft Shells     Hermit Crab Shells     Sea Life
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