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Second hand seashells are shells which have holes, chips and cracks.
Broken Seashells       Three bags of scrap seashells for lamps or gardens.

Second Hand Seashells

Add To Cart $10.00    2 ½ pounds

Second hand seashells are the same beautiful shells found throughout our website. However, they will have holes, chips, cracks and other blemishes. Each bag of broken shells weighs 2 ½ pounds. Each and every sea shell in the bag is broken, has a hole, chip, crack or other blemish which has made it unsuitable in our quality inventory. Scrap shells range in size from ¼ " to 6" and will vary from bag to bag. We make sure there is a variety in each bag. Second hand seashells are great for crafts, gardens or for filling bowls, baskets, dishes and seashell lamps. The picture shows 2 ½ pounds.

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