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Giant tridacna gigas man eating clam pair slightly open has beautiful ruffle effect.
Tridacna Gigas Clam Pair       Giant tridacna gigas clam sea shell closed as far as it will go.

Whole Tridacna Gigas Clam Pair

Tridacna gigas whole

 We are no longer able to get these giant sea shells.

The Giant Tridacna Gigas Clam is the king of clams. They are the largest bivalves in the world which can reach up to 4 feet across. They are successfully farmed making them an excellent renewable resource but are currently unable to be harvested. They are considered a delicacy in the South Pacific. These extra large mollusks rest on the bottom of the ocean with the hinge down and the lip upward so that sunlight can reach the huge mantle. They are found offshore near reefs in the S.W. Pacific in water 7 to 66 feet deep. They're unjustly known as a man eating clam. No account of a human death by a giant clam has ever been recorded. Their muscles move too slowly to catch human prey. They will retract into their shell rather than attempt a taste of human flesh.

We do have Tridacna Gigas Clam Half shells available.

Author: Amy Ferguson

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