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Triton's trumpet shells makes a nice decoration.
Triton trumpet shell aperature.       Triton trumpet shell horn decor.       Body whorl of triton trumpet shell.      Apex of the shell where the tip is cut off to make the shell horn.

Triton's Trumpet

10" - 11"

Add To Cart $95.00 each

Triton's Trumpet. The actual sea shell that is named after the Greek god Triton, son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Many cultures have removed the tip of this shell for use as a horn. It's still fun today.

Starting with a triton sea shell that is 10" to 12", we remove the tip precisely for ease of play. The size of the shell horn you receive will vary depending on how much of the tip needs to be cut off.

Trumpeters buzz their lips while they blow. To create the thunderous sound with this shell horn, take a deep breath and blow like a trumpeter.

An alternative to this magnificant shell is the Pink Queen Conch Horn.



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