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Aperture of a long spine venus pecten lightfoot, comb murex seashell.
Venus Comb Murex Seashells       Perfect long spines of a venus comb murex seashell.       Venus comb murex aka venus pecten lightfoot stands tall on its tip.       Venus comb murex seashells rest upon their comb like spikes.

Venus Comb Murex Seashells

Venus Pecten Lightfoot

4" - 5"

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Venus comb murex seashells have spines resemble a comb. They're either white, gray or a tannish brown. The spines are quite fragile. These mollosks may produce these long spines to deter predators or to keep from sinking in the sand.  AKA: Venus Pecten Lightfoot. They are common in the Indo-Pacific.

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