Seashells, Coral, and Sea Life for sale.
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Other Items - Unique Gifts Seashell Store

Are you looking for unique gifts for loved ones? Need stands for display items? You've found the right seashell store. Novelties are fun for everyone. Buy a shark tooth necklace, which is a great conversation starter, or a turtle made from seashells, for the kid in all of us. Unique gifts are hard to find. Have fun. And remember, seashells are a unique gift.

Fossil shark tooth necklace with tube beads.
Shark Tooth Necklace T

Add to Cart $10.55     20" - 22"

Fossil Shark Tooth Necklaces for sale.
Shark Tooth Necklace

Add to Cart $8.65     18 " - 19"

On Sale $5.00

Seashell store offers broken seashells.
Second Hand Seashells

Add to Cart $5.00     ¼ " to 6"

Seashell place card holders for weddings, parties and events.
Seashell Place Card Holders

Add to Cart $10.50     2" - 3"

Bamboo seashell basket.
Seashell Basket

Add to Cart $7.50     9"

Bamboo seashell basket round.
Bamboo Seashell Basket

Add To Cart $3.50     8"

Coconut seashell boat.
Coconut Seashell Boat

Add To Cart $6.50     12" - 14"

Seashell store offers dried porcupine fish.
Porcupine Fish

Add To Cart $12.00     9" - 10"

Pink Queen Conch Horn Shell
Pink Queen Conch Horn

Add To Cart $32.00     8" - 9"

Coconut Birt House is a unique gift.
Coconut Bird House

Out of stock.

Mako shark teeth for sale.
Mako Shark Teeth

Add to Cart $1.75    1"


Cute little seashell turtle beach novelty.
20/20 Seashell Turtle

Add To Cart $0.95     2"

Seashell luau kit with fishnet and seashells.
Seashell Luau Kit

Add to Cart $6.00     5' x 5'

Small seashell Stand
Small Stand

Add To Cart $2.60     2" x 3"

Large Seashell Stand
Large Stand

Out of stock

Easel Stands are clear stands.
Easel Stand

Add To Cart $2.75     2 ½"

Authentic fish net seashell store.
Fish Net

Add To Cart $15.50     5' x 10'

Fish Nets are genuine.
Scrap Net

Add To Cart $1.00     12"

Fish Net comes with sea shells and starfish.
Fish Net Set

Add To Cart $24.50     5' x 10'

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