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Pink Queen Conch


Welcome! We enjoy providing a variety of ocean treasures. We obtain our shells from fisheries who harvest the mollusks for food. The seashell is a by-product thereof. We do not deal in or sell any endangered species and are in full compliance with all U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department regulations.  Incredible colors abound in warm tropical waters. A higher concentration of organics in warmer seas provides a greater abundance and variety of food for mollusks, perhaps contributing to their fantastic colors. People often ask us if we paint or dye our shells. Answer: No we do not, "Naples Sea Shell Company" seashells are all natural in color. The greatest artist of all, is truly nature itself.


Large Atlantic Triton sea shells aka Triton's trumpet.

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Large Sea Shells

Shop our online store for a large variety including sea life, coral, and more. You'll find unique gift ideas for all ages. Seashells are fun to collect and can be used in a number of ways. Great selection, low prices, and a quality guarantee means you can buy with confidence.





Medium Seashells

What is a seashell? It's the hard protective covering of fleshy soft bodied animals known as mollusks. Land snails, sea snails, clams, oysters, mussels, conchs, and nautiluses are all examples of mollusks. A shell to a mollusk is what a skeleton is to you and I. It supports and protects our body. 





Small King Conch Sea Shells 
King Conch

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Small Sea Shells

View a natural spectacle of size, shape and color only mother nature can provide. Buy with confidence. Whether it's a beautiful marble cone or a captivating starfish, we are proud to be one of the internet's most trusted sites to purchase sea shells from. Browse our catalog today and bring home a unique piece of nature that may otherwise have been washed away and been forgotten. 




Craft Shells

Some craft shells are sold individually but most are sold by a quantity or bulk weight. Crafting with earthly treasures has been done throughout the ages. It brings natural beauty to your projects.





Hermit Crab Shells

Selecting hermit crab shells by the opening size makes it easy to choose the right ones. When you buy from us you can rest easy knowing you'll get quality. All shells are inspected for chips, cracks and holes. Rough edges on the outer lips have been filed smooth for comfort. Be sure to pick up hermit crab supplies such as food and treats too.




Sea Life

From porcupine fish to urchins, you'll find interesting things on the sea life page. Decorate your surroundings with variety. Sea fans, starfish and sand dollars compliment all types of home decor.





Real Coral for sale. 
Fire Coral

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Harvesting of corals can be good for reefs because they compete for space. Stony corals grow really fast. No two are exactly alike but we have blue, red, green and several types of white.





Other Items

Need stands for display items? Maybe you're looking for unique gifts for loved ones. Novelties are fun for everyone, a shark tooth necklace is a great conversation starter and fish nets display shells and starfish in a nautical way. You can buy shark jaws and conch horns too.





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Author: Amy Ferguson