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Buy seashells for coastal beach decor.

Buy Seashells from Around the World

Welcome to Naples Sea Shell Company! We take great pride in providing you a large variety of sea shells. Whether your looking to buy something unique or simply learn more about the amazing, incredibly diverse world under the sea, you've come to the right place.

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Incredible colors abound in warm tropical waters. A higher concentration of organics in warmer seas provides a greater abundance and variety of food for mollusks, perhaps contributing to their fantastic colors. People often ask us if we paint or dye our shells. Answer: No we do not, "Naples Sea Shell Company" sea shells for sale are all natural in color. The greatest artist of all, is truly nature itself.

What is a seashell?

There are many different types of sea shells.

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Gold Mouth Turbo Sea Shells
Gold Turbo

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Have a look around the website. It's fun to look at beautiful pictures. 

Seashells you'll get from us come from all over the world.

The best places to look for shells yourself are in Florida. You'll find seashells on most of its beaches. No matter which Florida beach you're on, you'll find something to bring home. The best place to find them is Sanibel Island. It's known for having seashells wash ashore all the time so there is always a lot to choose from. There aren't as many on Venice Beach in Sarasota but you may find sharks' teeth as well. Do the seashell stoop and pick up something unique. It's fun.

We ship seashells all over the world. You may enjoy having them delivered to your door.

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