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Beautiful exterior of an african turbo hermit crab shell.
Hermit crab shells.       Mother of pearl round opening of an african turbo hermit crab shell.       Hermit crab named Hershey wearing an African turbo climbing on tree branch.       Hermit crab named Dante wearing an African turbo shell.

African Turbo
Hermit Crab Shells

Seashell Size 2" - 4"

$16.00 each

Add To Cart 1 ¾" + opening size

These hermit crab shells have round openings with mother of pearl inside. The beautiful exterior is enjoyable to view every time you see it. Current stock of shells are not as pretty as the picture.

Hermit crabs look great wearing an African turbo and they like the comfortable feel it provides.

The shell is pretty light weight for a turbo and even though it looks glossy on the outside, they're safe. They have not been painted, only cleaned and polished. They're completely natural.


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