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Body whorls of a melongena crown conch seashell.
Crown conch seashells for sale.       Apex and spire of a crown conch seashell.       Creamy white mouth or aperture of a crown conch seashell.

Crown Conch Seashells

Melongena melongena

2"- 2 ½"
Add To Cart $3.50 each

4"- 6"
Add To Cart $7.50 each

Crown conch seashells are usually dark brown and white. Sometimes they are a light brown and white. They're heavy weights in the family of Melongenidae. These mollusks are carnivores, feeding on clams and snails. Melongena crown conchs are found in shallow water in the West Indies. 

This shell is a great candidate for that "ocean sound" when you put it up to your ear. Cool!

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