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Hermit crab essentials pack.
Rock dish, cholla wood and sea sponge.      Water dish with accesories for hermit crabs.           

Hermit Crab Essentials Pack

Add To Cart $16.00 each pack

This hermit crab essentials pack includes:

ONE natural looking resin rock dish can be used for food, treats or water. Hermit crabs can go for a swim in this shallow pool. Measures approximately 5" x 4" and are ½" deep.

ONE 6" dried cholla wood piece. Choya cactus wood pieces make attractive tank decor that will accent any crabitat with interesting fun for hermit crabs. Great toy for hermit crabs. They like to nibble on it too.

ONE sea sponge that is unbleached and completely natural. Hermit crabs enjoy drinking from a wet sea sponge, they love eating them too. This all natural sea sponge provides essential nutrients beneficial to a healthy exoskeleton. Also helps raise the humidity of your hermit crab’s tank. Sea sponges placed in water dishes provide an easy way for your hermit crab to climb in and out. We recommend rinsing the sponge with dechlorinated water every 3 to 4 days to keep it fresh and clean.

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