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Three jumbo turbos for hermit crabs.
Jumbo turbo small three pack.       Opening holes of jumbo turbo pack small.

3 JumboTurbos Small

The overall seashell sizes are from 2 ¼" to 3".
Opening sizes graduate from 1 ¼" + - 1 ½" +.

$38.50 for set of three

Add To Cart 1 ¼" + - 1 ½" + openings

When sizing up jumbo turbo shells, this three pack is on the small side. That's only because these turbos get really big. This set includes the opening sizes of 1 ¼" + , 1 ⅜" + and 1 ½" +. These jumbo turbos are notoriously hard sizes to find for large hermit crabs. Shells types may vary.

Current stock may contain one pearl turbo one green jade turbo one pearl banced jade or one tapestry turbo.

If you're looking for bigger opening sizes check out 3 Jumbo Turbos Large.

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