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Extremely thick and heavy Widest Pacific Conch seashell with white aperture, tan lip and brown striped body whorl.
Widest pacific conchs are heavy.       Outer lip encompases the half of the spire on strombus latissimus milk conch.       Spire and body whorl of a widest pacific conch seashell.       Strombus latissimus widest pacific conch on black sea fan.

Widest Pacific Conch

Strombus latissimus

6" - 8"

Add To Cart $18.00 each

Widest pacific conch seashells are extremely thick and heavy shells with beautiful patterns.  They have a large, thick flared outer lip that half way encompasses the spire of the shell.  AKA: Milk Conch. They're collected in the SW Pacific Ocean. We have found these seashells are perfect for use around the house as decorative doorstops or home decor.

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