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Pearl banded tapestry hermit crab shells.
Pearl banded tapestry hermit crab shells for sale.       Bright red hermit crab named Merlo wearing a Pearl Banded Tapestry sea shell climbing on bird nest coral.      Captain Salty hermit crab wearing a pearl banded tapestry turbo shell next to gauges.      Hermit crab named Switch wears a pearl banded turbo and crawls on top of a plant.

Pearl Banded Tapestry
Hermit Crab Shells

Seashell Size 1" - 2 ¼" 

$6.50 each

Out of stock

Hermit crabs look great wearing a pearl banded tapestry turbo. They will enjoy the round mother of pearl opening this shell offers. The pearl band is natural bling. The small shells have the small band like the picture but the large one inch opening plus shells have a wide band. We are currently out of both of those styles.

Our current stock looks different than the pictures.

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