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Large aperture of a Philippine melon seashell.
Philippine melon bailer seashells for sale.       Smooth tan exterior body whorl of a Philippine melon seashell.       Brown nub apex and crown spire of a Philippine Melon seashell.       SmallPhilippine melon seashell on coral.

Philippine Melon Seashells

Melo diadema

8" - 9 ½"

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Philippine melon seashells are tan and brown bailer shells with a small crown at the spire. They're called bailers because of their capacity to hold water.

The foot of this mollusk is very large, round, thick, fleshy, and it can envelop part of the shell. The tentacles, which have the eyes at their base are short and squat.

They live on sandy or muddy bottoms in tropical waters of Indo-Pacific Province.

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