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Three stacked seashells on a blue background.
Three small seashells specifically selected for hermit crabs       Three seashells with the opening of the shells showing.      Another view of the seashells 3 pack small.       

Seashells 3 Pack Small
Hermit Crab Shells

Seashell Size 1 ½" - 3"

$6.00 each 3 pack

Add To Cart ¾" - ⅞" opening size

This three pack of seashells is great for small hermit crabs. The openings measure approximately ¾" - ⅞".

Beautiful slotted shells with oval openings offer your hermit crab variety in the size range they need. This pack has ¾", ¾" + and ⅞" openings.

You will receive the same or similar type shells as shown in the picture.

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