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All natural colors and spiral patterns of three turbo petholatus seashells.
Tapestry Turbo Seashells       Tapestry turbo seashells smushed together.

Tapestry Turbo Seashells

Turbo petholatus

1" - 2"
Add To Cart $3.00 each     

2" - 2 ⅛"
Add To Cart $4.25 each   

2 ⅛" - 2 ½"
Add To Cart $6.50 each   

Tapestry turbo seashells are different shades of brown with completely natural markings and spiral patterns. They're strong and sturdy with a surface that is smooth and glossy. Each one is unique to its own various colors and patterns.

They are found on shallow reefs in the Central and Western Pacific ocean.

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