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Tapestry turbo hermit crab shells.
Hermit crab shells for sale.       Magnus wearing tapestry turbo hermit crab shell is climbing on cat paw coral.       Bright red hermit crab exploring in a tapestry turbo shell.       Nala checks out all the shells but chooses a tapestry turbo hermit crab shell.
Kitty wearing tapestry turbo hermit crab shell cruises across the sand.       Hermit crab wearing beautiful tapestry turbo with hints of green making the shell great camouflage.       Scarlett the hermit crab looks curious.       Hermit crab wearing a tapestry turbo hiding in a coco hut.

Tapestry Turbo
Hermit Crabs Shells

Seashell Size 1" - 2 ¾"

$3.00 each     
Add To Cart ½" - ⅝" opening size>
Add To Cart ⅝" opening size
Add To Cart ⅝" - ¾" opening size
Add To Cart ¾" opening size

$4.25 each    
Add To Cart ⅞" + opening size
Add To Cart 1" opening size

Hermit crabs love tapestry turbo seashells as you can see from the pictures.

Tapestry turbo hermit crab shells are usually brown but can sometimes have green accents. These sturdy shells have round openings with mother of pearl inside.

They're completely natural, no paint!

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