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Hermit Crab Supplies

Hermit crab supplies for sale including food, treats, houses, feeding dishes and more. Your hermit crabs love humid air. Sea sponges make your crabitat humid. Sea fans and fish nets make great climbing toys. We have a variety of hermit crab supplies available and will be adding more in the future.

Hermit Crab Food Supplies
FMR Hermit Crab Food

Add To Cart $3.50    2 oz

Hermit Crab Treat Supplies
FMR Hermit Crab Treat

Add To Cart $4.00    1.5 oz

Sea Sponge
Sea Sponge

Add To Cart $3.00    2" - 3"

Natural Sea Sponge 3 Pack.
Sea Sponge 3 Pack

Add To Cart $10.50   

Fish Nets are genuine.
Scrap Net

Add To Cart $1.50    12"

Irish Deep Scallops used as  baking dishes.
Irish Deep Scallop

Add To Cart $1.35    3 ½" - 4"

White Florida Bay Scallops are white.
White Bay Feeding Dish

Add To Cart $1.00    1 ¾" - 2 ½"

Mexican Deep Scallop.
Mexican Deep

Add To Cart 2 ½" - 3 ½"   $1.25

Cholla wood cactus.
Cholla Wood Small

Add To Cart $4.50    6"

Large rock dish
Rock Dish Large

Add To Cart $8.75    5" x 4"

Small rock dish.
Rock Dish Small

Out of stock

Hermit Crab Shells