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Aperture of a large murex ramosus seashell with frilly spikes.
Murex ramosus seashells for sale.       Murex Ramose seashell with beautiful long spines.       Giant murex chicoreus ramosus seashell with natural swirl.       Ramose murex ramosus seashells.

Murex Ramosus Seashells

Chicoreus Ramosus

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Murex Ramosus  aka: Ramose Murex,  Chicoreus Ramosus, Giant Murex

A fantastic whorl of spines and sheer mass, make this murex a very impressive seashell to hold. (the one in the pictures is about 12” long and almost equally as wide) Murex Ramosus seashells are thick, heavy, savage meat eaters of a snail. They mount other sea shells and drill into them to get at the meat (clams, scallops and barnacles mostly). In the ocean murex ramosus seashells are covered in sea moss which camouflages them perfectly in their surroundings. They are very common to the indo pacific and live in and near shallow water reefs and wrecks. Outstanding display shells.

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