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Atlantic triton charonia variegata seashell.
Atlantic triton shell.       Atlantic triton trumpet shell.       Atlantic triton seashell with beautiful brown and white patterns and a very pink tip.

Atlantic Triton Shells

Charonia variegata

9" - 10"

Add To Cart $58.00 each

Big and beautiful triton shells for sale. They're impressive. They have a large body and aperture. The body whorl and spire is a mixture of cream and brown colors. The apex is usually pink but a few have a deep purple color. The lip has a nice stripe pattern. Majestic!

This large seashell is named after the Greek god Triton, son of Poseidon, god of the sea. From ancient times many cultures have removed the tip for use as trumpets. (Triton's Trumpet)

Atlantic triton shells are found in S. E. Florida, West Indies and the Mediterranean in ocean waters 3 to 50 feet deep.

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