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Sea Urchins

Real sea urchin for sale. They were called "hedgehog of the sea" back in the day. Today they are an expensive delicacy in many parts of the world.

These creatures called echinoids or echinoderms have spines that help protect themselves from predators. The spines are removed and most are discarded. This leaves us with a rounded symmetrical beauty to display. Decorate your surroundings with sea urchins and shells.

Sputnik Sea Urchin

Out of stock

Green Sea Urchin

Add To Cart 1 ½"  - 2 ¼"    $1.75

Alphonso Sea Urchins

Add To Cart 3" - 4"    $3.50


Pink Sea Urchins

Out of stock

Green Knobby Urchin
Green Knobby

Add To Cart ¾" - 1  ¼"   $1.25

Purple Sea Urchins

Out of stock

Sea Urchin Spines
Sea Urchin Spines

Add To Cart 1" - 4"    $5.00

quantity 25 

Several types of sea urchin.