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Polished cockle clam seashell halves fit together tooth for tooth.
Polished cockle clams for sale.       Polished Cockle Clam seashells are white yellow and mauve.       Sideways heart view of a polished cockle clam seashell.       Polished cockle clam seashell slightly open.

Polished Cockle Clam Seashells

4" - 4 ½"

Add To Cart $6.00 each

Polished cockle clam seashells are good size whole clam shells. They're yellow, white and mauve with defined ridges. Each one is sold as a whole shell so you're getting both halves which are not glued together.

Cockle clams filter phytoplankton through their gills as their source for food. Starfish, birds, and humans hunt these mollusks. There are no size or season restrictions for commercial or sport harvesting of cockle clams.

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