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Wedding Seashells

Make your special day an unforgettable one with a beautiful seashell theme wedding. Beach theme weddings often take place on the shoreline but it is also very popular to replicate a beach wedding in an indoor or outdoor setting. Set the tone with seashell decorations, centerpieces and wedding favors. The bride and groom will need a ring bearer seashell, table centerpieces and wedding favors. Some may want to offer special gifts for the loved ones in the wedding party. Pearly shells and white shells are popular wedding favors while large seashells make great wedding centerpieces. Mix and match white shells with colorful shells to match the colors of your beach theme wedding.

Author: Amy Ferguson

Seashell Wedding Centerpieces

You'll need great seashell centerpieces for the reception tables. Pearl nautilus are elegant wedding centerpieces with an ambience of wealth. Any wedding seashell can stand alone or be combined with smaller shells for accents. Beautiful flower arrangements can be made at your local florist using a variety of large seashells as vases. Other wedding centerpieces include natural nautilus, pink queen conchs, triton seashells, giant spider conchs, frog shells and murex ramosus seashells.

Place Card Holder Seashells

Perfect for a beach themed events and seashell weddings as well as large and small gatherings. You're guests can easily locate their seats viewing all of the different seashells with unique place cards you create.

Seashell Wedding Decor

A variety of items can be used for seashell wedding decor. Baskets, boats, and corals bring beauty and ambience to your big day. Set the tone of your wedding with beach theme seashell wedding decor.

Ring Bearer Seashells

Ring bearer seashells can add that special touch to your big day. Take any seashell and add a satin pillow, sand, foam, or fabric to transform it into a ring bearer shell. China Clams can completely enclose the rings. You can transform an Irish Deep Scallop by gluing on pearly seashells and ribbon.

Wedding Starfish and Sanddollars